Refugees in QLD are given a golden opportunity

Cafe ‘Harmony on Carmody‘ in Queensland, Carmody is supporting refugees with no former Australian work experience and speak limited English.

Gail Kerr, the chief executive officer of Queensland-based Access Community Services says,

This is a social purpose café, and we run it as a business but the people that come through and train are those people that are looking for a job, and we use that as a realistic training environment – teaching them the skills of working in a café, making coffees, customer service, and again it’s all about developing language skills and real pathways about what the world of work looks like and how do you go for those jobs once you have got those skills in place,’.

It’s so amazing to see good hearted Australians standing up and taking initiative to help out those who need it most. In this time of humanitarian crisis we who have the capacity to help need to do our bit to boost others up!

It is our duty as human beings to help others, even if it’s by simply eating at this cafe and inviting friends and family over, or spreading the news about it.

I’m so thankful to be living in such a beautiful country with people with kind hearts and are aware of helping others.

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Written by: Caroline Martinez

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