WATCH NOW: Go Back To Where You Came From Live

“The world is living through the greatest refugee crisis in history” – Go Back To Where You Came From

Tonight Australian viewers will get another rare insight into the real life dangers that refugees and asylum seekers face as part two of the three-part special of popular SBS program, Go Back To Where You Came From Live continues.

The groundbreaking series pairs well-known Aussies with those who hold opposing ideas about the refugee crisis, and together they will spend time in dangerous locations overseas in order to understand the stark reality of refugees who seek asylum around the world.

Episode one – available to re-watch on SBS On Demand, features controversial politician Jacqui Lambie, who was paired with refugee turned Immigration lawyer, Marina. Both women were thrown straight into war-torn Syria and had to endure a terrifyingly real encounter with ISIS. Footage also showed comedian Meshel Laurie in South Sudan, a country so riddled with war that over 400,000 people have died as a result.

The production has been hailed as “SBS’s most ambitious television event to date”, as it mixes live crosses and pre-recorded moments to bring Australians an honest, yet confronting insight into the refugee crisis that is affecting the whole world.

With grim reports from The Missing Migrant Project highlighting that there have been 60,000 migrant deaths over the last 20 years, it has never been more important to understand just how dire seeking asylum has become for many around the globe.


Make sure to tune into SBS or SBS On Demand from 8:30pm, 2-4 October.

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Written by Ariana Maric



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