Inadequate Health Care on Nauru.

Nauruan Government Refused to let a Court Ordered Air Ambulance Land.

The recent stories coming out of Nauru regarding the refusal of air ambulance landings are increasing concerns of inadequate health care at the offshore processing center. This news has followed various stories over the past few months of children as young as 8 being suicidal, a 12 year old girl setting herself alight and and 12 year old boy suffering from severe starvation after refusing to eat.

“At least twice in recent weeks the Nauruan government has refused to give permission for an air ambulance to land and take a refugee to Australia for urgent medical care, despite court orders and doctor recommendations.”- The Guardian.

It was reported that the refusal of the landing was made because it “would affect the “working relationship” on offshore processing. The details of what is meant by this statement made from a “senior official” remain unclear.

The conditions on Nauru are violating basic human rights and something needs to be done. If you care about this issue as much as we do here at Taste of Haven, please sign this petition.

Petition Link:


Written by Georgia Martyn (Taste of Haven Team)

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