Lets help bring the famous Refugee Food Festival to Sydney in 2019!!

The Refugee Food Festival is an annual event that was started in Paris in 2016. Since then the festival has spread to 14 major cities across the world including Rome, Amsterdam, New York and Cape Town.

Every year around June 20th (World Refugee Day), the Refugee Food Festival thrives as a uniting gourmet event that fosters the socio-professional integration of refugees through food. It brings together local chefs and pairs them with refugees who together create and varied menu of world flavours

From the neighbourhood canteen to the Michelin-star restaurants, more than 200 chefs are involved in the Refugee Food Festival and all are there to celebrate the diversity of world flavours and the culinary skills of refugees.

The festival has played a pivotal role in breaking down some of the negative attitudes towards refugees and has created a space of opportunity not only for employment but also for community involvement and social connection.

Much to our dismay, Sydney is yet to join the Refugee Food Festival as a participating city. With such a rich and diverse community of refugees in Sydney and the surrounding area, we want to encourage the city of Sydney to take part in 2019. If you agree, we encourage you to show your support for a Sydney Refugee Food Festival by registering here:


(photo credit: Refugee Food Festival Website http://www.refugeefoodfestival.com/?lang=en)

Written by Georgia Martyn

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