You can now support refugees while enjoying their delicious cuisine at this Refugee-run Café

Imagine a  place where diversity is celebrated and support is happily given. Well, this is the reality at the Refugee-run Café called ‘The Four Brave Women’ at Summer Hill NSW.

There’s always something to look forward to as they change their menu every two months as a new group of refugees take charge at the kitchen and provide their culture’s favourite dishes.

It is also a great way to meet and welcome refugees face to face and learn about their culture and their stories while enjoying delicious food.

4 brave women food.jpg
Iranian lamb-herb stew served at the Four Brave Women Cafe (SBS: Rachel Bartholomeusz)

“The idea for the cafe came out of seeing that people really want to support refugees, particular in the inner west, but there’s often not a lot of ways to tangibly do it,” says national manager Bindi Lea.

Founded by fellow Refugee women who want to help others who are struggling; being refugees themselves, helping the refugee community was something really close their heart.

4 brave women food 2.jpg
Kuku Fritters available at the Four Brave Women Cafe (SBS: Rachel Bartholomeusz)

This initiative gives the refugee community the skills, confidence and supportive community they need to have a positive jumpstart in their new home, Australia.


To learn more about The Four Brave Women, read the full article on 


Published by: Caroline Martinez



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