Refugee women changing the flavours of their community.

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Across the counrty, we are seeing more and more initiative that use food to help provide our refugee community with opportunities for employment and training. One recent example comes out of Coffs Harbour, a beach town on the states North Coast. A local Italian restaurant has opened it’s doors to some amazing local refugee women.

Once a week the women come together to share local recipes from their home countries. The women are are mentored by local chefs and are able to develop their culinary skills. Moreover, the initiative provides a space where these women can share their experiences and build social connections and friendship.

The women have also been able to drastically improve their English. Language is one of the greatest barriers when it comes to finding employment for refugees.

The initiative is called Feeding Cultures and “part of a project that is changing the palate of the region.” This is a great example of a local community coming together to celebrate diversity and the skills, flavours and talents that are abundant in their coastal backyard.

The ABC recently spoke to some of the women involved. They spoke of how the program has helped them settle into the community and has been an amazing opportunity in which they gain much more than just industry training.

The full ABC article can be found here:

We’d love to hear of more local initiatives like this in Sydney! If you know of any business helping our refugee community or any local initiative comment below. We’d love to help spread the word.

Written by Georgia Martyn

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