Opportunities for Refugees in Sydney

Australia is booming with cultural diversity. We are made up of an eclectic group of migrants who have all contributed in some way to the nation we are living in today, and with reports predicting that migrants will contribute up to $1.6 trillion to the economy by 2050, this multicultural way of life will only be enhanced.

Despite the negativity and barriers that can typically plague a migrants’ beginnings in Australia, there are a number of initiatives available that not only welcome migrants from all over the world, but also help train these individuals so that they can begin building their life here.

Check out the groups below who are doing all they can to help refugees succeed in Sydney.


The Bread & Butter Project

Australian Ethical

Image courtesy of Australian Ethical

This is a social enterprise that has been designed by the owners of the hugely successful Bourke St Bakery franchise to “skill up the disenfranchised”. Refugees are brought on board for a paid, 12 month traineeship in Sydney and are provided with tertiary qualifications, English language tutoring, social support and guaranteed employment at the end of the program.

The artisan bread that is produced through this project is sold in a variety of locations, including the David Jones food halls in Bondi Junction and the CBD.

To donate, or find out more, visit http://www.thebreadandbutterproject.com/

Peppertree Café and Catering

63 The Mall, Bankstown

Mon-Thurs: 7am-4pm | Fri: 7am-9pm | Saturday: 9am-4pm


Image courtesy of Peppertree Cafe

This café is an initiative of the ‘Bankstown Multicultural Youth Service’ that provides job mentoring and hospitality training for young individuals, including refugees, who live in Sydney’s south west.

The not-for-profit café offers good food and coffee, all with the promise of building up and preparing refugees with the skills needed to work in Sydney.

House of Welcome Catering


Image courtesy of House of Welcome

Run by St Francis Social Services, this catering service is based in Sydney and provides refugees with the opportunity to collaborate with Rui Olim, the Head Chef to create fusion-inspired cuisine. The enterprise not only provides individuals with invaluable work experience but also connects them with their local community to create ‘meaningful cross-cultural exchanges’.

To check out the latest menu, or to book their services, visit https://www.stfrancis.org.au/house-of-welcome/catering

Adi’s Kitchen

26 Lackey Street, Summer Hill

Hours vary


Image courtesy of The Trading Circle

This café has become a revolutionary standout for refugees looking to gain the skills and training needed to run their own hospitality businesses. Run by refugee women, the initiative has a rotating menu, with a new group of refugees provided the opportunity to run the kitchen every 8 weeks. Currently serving Georgian and Eastern European food, this café also offers mentorship under an experienced chef and nutritionist, and tangible experience in turning home cooking into a profitable business.


There are many more restaurants operating in Sydney, and across Australia that are dedicated to supporting refugees. Check out the list of Aussie restaurants that are dedicated to supporting refugees.


Written by Ariana Maric

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